5 Tricks for Being More Productive at Work

As much as we’d like to invent a switch and simply flip it for our productivity mode to activate, the human mind is unfortunately a far more complex machine..

We tend to make things more complicated than they really are, involve emotions into our work, question the quality of something based on a gut instinct, and spend hours with zero focus distracted by social media. The life of a modern worker is far from a straightforward one, and we often need that extra nudge to get our proverbial creative juices flowing.

So, instead of letting numerous challenges and distractions get the better of us, we can rely on some less conventional, but far more effective ways to think more productive thoughts and be successful. Let’s take a look at several foolproof ways to inspire even the ficklest of minds among you and streamline your work even on the worst of rainy days!

Get playful

Not every job involves the privilege of creative outlets and causing hysterical laughter at the office with a funny cartoon – a graphic designer might be able to produce one with mere moments at their disposal, however you may need to find a different channel for your inner child. Having such an outlet may be just the thing you need to finally overcome that creative bump in the road or find a more innovative solution to a highly complex issue. If Alexander Fleming could “play with microbes” on his way to discover penicillin, why should you remain stubbornly serious for eight hours a day?

In fact, when you feel like your focus is drifting or you cannot find the best solution despite all your efforts, perhaps it’s time to pick up a coloring book! Or spend some time with your furry friend if you’re in a pet-friendly office, or engage in a friendly game with another struggling colleague. Ten minutes may be all it takes to recharge your brain for more fruitful efforts! There are so many creative ways to overcome stress and boost your productivity.

Keep your environment clean

Sometimes the simplest of steps can make the greatest difference of all. For example, if you work in an office in an urban environment, your space is likely filled with pollutants such as smog, soot, as well as gas emissions from vehicles around the city. Spending hours in a stuffy office can truly make a dent in your mood as well as your ability to work properly. Then again, can you see yourself working seamlessly during allergy season with a sneeze-attack every five minutes?

To prevent these environmental issues from affecting your workflow, you can install a high-quality air purifier that will keep pollutants as well as allergens at bay. Those that use HEPA filters and the latest technologies are meant to be multifunctional and noiseless, so as to keep your office productivity-perfect with no odors, allergens, or irritants floating about.

Let there be light

Another common design issue that is overlooked by most managers is the availability of natural light in your office. Even if you don’t work according to a strict nine-to-five schedule, you still need to listen to your circadian rhythm, as it predefines your ability to be productive at a certain time of day. Come winter, you’ll sense your productivity plummet well before the clock strikes five.

Even though you cannot possibly invent more daylight during long winters or cloudy days, you can definitely embrace an office plan that enables as much natural lighting as possible. Add to that, investing in LED lights means you’ll provide your eyes with more support and less strain – all of which will contribute to your ability to perform at work.

One bite at a time

If you’re on the verge of that midday energy slump, your belly is likely craving some sweets or a punch of coffee. However, sometimes you should rethink what you munch on during the day to help your mind and your body cope with the work ahead. For example, a candy bar may seem like a delicious energy booster, but brace yourself for yet another sugar crisis very shortly after. Such sweets give you a momentary lift, but they also kick you right back down.

Instead, make your own snacking stash of healthy, productivity-inducing bites. Consider things like nuts and seeds, which are both nutritious and satiating, thus a great pick for keeping cravings at bay. A bar of dark chocolate and some berries is another great options, so make sure you keep things versatile. This will help you stay focused on work instead of letting your mind wandering to food every hour.

Take a hike

Most of our jobs involve long hours at the desk, often glued to a computer screen. This may be practical from a variety of perspectives, but it doesn’t make much sense when it comes to your productivity. Even if you don’t have the time for a brief workout in the morning, you can introduce a walking lunch into your schedule and let your body and your mind recuperate.

This gives you a break from your routine of sitting down, gets your blood pumping, clears your head, and elevates your energy. All of these effects of a single brief walk will contribute to boosting your productivity and helping you cope with your hefty workload!

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Stella Van Lane

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