How To Have the Best Mondays Ever

Mondays. Representing the start of a hectic work week and the end of your fun weekend, there’s a reason why Mondays are abhorred by almost everyone, and for good reason!

But what if we told you there’s a way to make them not just tolerable, but enjoyable? Here’s exactly how you can start having the best Mondays ever.

Don’t slack off on Friday

By the end of the working week, it’s natural to lose some steam. However, by slacking off on Friday, you give yourself even more to worry about on Monday. Pull up your socks and try your best on Friday to ensure that you don’t come back to a mountain of tasks on Monday. Nothing is a greater hindrance to your Monday productivity and mood than to have to deal with problems right away.

Stick to a normal sleep routine on the weekend

We know, we know. Your weekend is all about staying up late and sleeping in without a care in the world, but for the sake of a happy Monday, try to stick as close to your normal routine as you can. Throwing your sleep schedule off track affects your circadian rhythm, making it even harder to adjust to your 6:30am alarm on Monday.

Make Fridays and Saturdays your going out nights and have a relaxing Sunday instead so you can start your Monday feeling energised and well-rested. A new mattress or just a memory foam mattress topper will help you get the job done.

Prepare the day before

There’s nothing worse than waking up groggy and trying to muster up the brain power to make breakfast, pack your lunch and choose an outfit. Make your morning seamless by doing this all the night before. This means that in the morning, you can simply function on autopilot instead of having to make a heap of decisions.

One great way to get your day off to an easy start is to make something like a yogurt parfait or egg and avocado sandwich the night before, which you can grab and go in the morning for a nutritious breakfast. Taking five minutes to tidy your room the night before will also help your morning go much more smoothly, and so can curling up in your sofa chair to write your to-do list for the next day.

Have something to look forward to

Most of us are filled with dread when we think about Mondays, but there’s a way to replace this feeling of dread with one of excitement. Plan something fun on Monday to get you bouncing right out of bed! This could be a work lunch with your friend, a date in the evening or even just a new episode of your favourite TV show.

Treat yourself

On a similar note, grab a spontaneous treat for yourself on Monday. This could be some cream in your coffee or lunch at your favourite cafe. If you’re a fitness freak, Monday is an especially good day to have your cheat day!

Listen to feel good music on your commute

Music has been shown to work wonders for your mood, so why not make a specific playlist for the Monday blues? If you drive to work, feel free to belt out a happy tune in your car to get the endorphins flowing.

Jazz up your outfit

It’s undeniable that what you wear affects your mood and confidence. If you rock up to work on Monday in your dirty jeans and a hoodie, you’ll likely want to curl up into a ball right away. Instead, put on your nicest shoes, a bright top and do your hair so you step out feeling awesome.

Skip the life admin

Why sour your Monday with a dentist appointment or a trip to the post office? Keep these things for later in the week so you’re not down about it on Monday. Similarly, try to do grocery shopping on any other day but Monday so you’re not caught up amongst the after-work crowd looking to stock up on food for the week.

Don’t live for the weekend

If you feel your entire week is a drag and that the weekend is the only thing worth looking forward to, you’ll definitely have a miserable Monday. Don’t just schedule all your fun plans on Saturday and Sunday - spread happy hours, dinners and self-care nights throughout the week so that you’re constantly high on life.

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