A Few Habits That Successful People Share

Successful people can be classified in different ways. To some, innovation giants like Elon Musk take the crown. For others, social workers like Joan Zlotnik and for others yet, celebrity talent like Jay-Z or Kanye West exemplify the ultimate success lifestyle.

While everyone's journey to reputable success is certainly different, success does leave clues in the form of trends and patterns that can be studied and replicated. So let’s take a look at a few habits that most successful people do.


This is by far the most important habit that all successful people share. The age-old saying your network is your net-worth continues to hold true across all industries. Need first investors? You better have some wealthy friends. Trying to make it as an artist or musician? It would help to have a personal relationship with the A&R of Universal Studios, don't you think?

Networking isn't your strength? You should start practicing now. Many successful individuals like Arianna Huffington and Tony Robbins say the most important skill when socializing is staying present and focused. Make it a habit to network with everyone around you, and you’ll be surprised at the opportunities that present themselves.

Read more books

Warren Buffet once famously said the secret to success lies in a love of reading. Buffet, amongst many other successful leaders, reads 3-6 hours every single day, often going through 1-2 books per week. Why is reading so important? Just think about the amount of people who don't read, then visit this quote from Mark Cuban- Most people won't put in the time to get a knowledge advantage. Reading gets you ahead!

That lack of trying to better oneself is what sets people back in life. There’s this thing called nescience which, if you’ve never heard of it, is a word to summarize all the things we don't think, to think about. There is a big world out there and you can never know everything, so do you due diligence and learn something new every day.

Have a mentor

This is a common trend with all successful people. Tony Robbins had Zig Zigler, Zuckerberg had Steve Jobs, Bill Gates had Warren Buffet, Luke had Kenobi. Mentors not only help guide their new apprentice in the upwards direction, their years of experience better accelerate personal growth. It's borderline a growth hack to have a mentor.

Don’t have a mentor? Find people in your industry or niche that are already successful. Find a way to contact them and ask questions. Or, go through their collaboraters and find others who are slightly lower on the totem pole, and learn from them. Do not however, feel entitled to having a mentor. There is a great saying: when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.

Work obsessively

The reality is that successful people seldom rest. To become successful you have to work harder and smarter than anyone that has worked before. I know you've heard that many times, but why aren't you doing it?

Instead of binging new shows on Netflix after work, why not stay up all night finishing a project or getting a head start on the next one? Elon Musk is a great example of this relentless drive, stating that; “If there was a way that I could not eat so I could work more, I would not eat. I wish there was a way to get nutrients without sitting down for a meal”. Talk about obsessive.

Elon Musk, like many other succesful people, believes that if you want to change the world, denial of the flesh is the choice you must make every day. The world is a highly competitive place, and it will only get more competitve in all industries. To even participate in the game, you have to become better.

This list is by no means exhaustive, there are tons of other things that successful people do for us to learn from. Is there something else critical to success that I forgot to include? Let me know on Twitter!

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Aleksey Weyman

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