What is Nescience?

Have you ever discovered something you never knew existed? A concept you never thought to even ask about, let alone try to understand?..

In simple terms, Nescience is the lack of knowledge about something. Merriam Webster even goes so far as to define it as ignorance. We must however, remove negative interpretation and use its meaning to our advantage.


For practical purposes, nescience is the unknowingness of something, that which we don’t think to even question in the first place. If you’ve never heard of the term nomenclature before, for example, you might be surprised to learn that it's the process by which words are made up to define something. If you hadn’t known that already, why would that be so? Did you even think to ask the question of how words gain their meaning? Until someone told you about it, you may have not even considered it.

This is just one example of nescience, one that obviously is not effective if you already knew what nomenclature means. There are an uncountable amount of things we don’t know, just as there are many things that I know that you don’t know. It is our job to accept this, and place ourselves in situations to collect new knowledge. These types of expiriences are typically found at the edges of our comfort zone.

We must never assume that we know everything there is to know

Imagine that you and everyone else on this planet has a giant cloud above their head. This is a cloud of nescience and it represents all the things we do not yet know, nor understand how to ask the questions to. Of course, everyones' cloud is of a different size. Our mission in life is to diminish our own clouds, by learning new things from others and the natural world around us.

It's also important to note that from an educational standpoint, nescience is a powerful argument for why students should stay in school and not drop out. Without being exposed to a variety of topics, students may never truly know their passion.

Take time today to go out of your way to learn something new, and decrease the size of your nescience cloud. You owe it to yourself and the world to be informed and educated.

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