Watch Star Wars "A New Hope" on Mac

We all love finding Easter eggs, especially when they're hidden and not commonly known..

That’s what makes a good Easter egg, right? The lack of its public awareness? Seems like an Apple developer had this in mind when creating the first renditions of Macintosh computers. Inside the MacOS, they hid a sweet surprise for their equally geeky fans to find. Doesn't seem as surprising though, when you consider all the iPhone hidden tricks.

What is it?

So what exactly is this Easter egg? It turns out, you can watch the full Star Wars episode 4, A New Hope on ANY MacOS product, all within the built in Terminal application. The entire movie is created in text, and even has subtitles built into the animation. Whoever originally created this must have had a lot of free time on their hands- and we’re SO happy they did.

How to watch

To watch this on any MacOS product, all you have to do is open your Terminal application (you can do a spotlight search for "terminal"), open it, and copy in the following code:


Then simply press the return key and voila, the animation will begin to play. If you don’t have a device with MacOS, here’s a link to where you can see this animation in action on YouTube.

Now you can sit back, grab some popcorn and enjoy this sweet Apple Easter egg. Do you enjoy finding new, life pro tips? Then you might enjoy these 5 clever life pro tips! Have thoughts or questions about this article? Send me a Tweet!

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