Reduce iPhone Screen Brightness Even More

Reading a brightly lit iPhone screen in the dark can be a painfully unpleasant experience, especially if your night mode is turned off..

If you’re like me, you’re an absolute vampire and want your iPhone brightness to be as low as possible. Turns out there’s actually a way to set your backlight much dimmer than is seemingly offered in the command center (swipe up from bottom). This is just one of many hidden iPhone features we've found.

To reduce iPhone brightness

Follow these steps on your iPhone:

  • Open Settings
  • Select General
  • Select Accessibility
  • Find Display Accommodations
  • Enable Reduce white point
  • Adjust slider to taste

Your iPhone screen will now be significantly dimmer than before. Realistically, I’m not sure why anybody would need it that low, but it’s still a neat tip. If you’re adjusting your iPhone brightness in an effort to save battery life, you should probably just get a battery swap from your nearest Apple Store.

As far as I know this tip will only work on iPhone, but I wouldn't be surprised if Android devices have a similar feature. If you don't have an iPhone and are considering buying one, you can find some great deals on Amazon.

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