How To Learn More About The World

There’s a ton of cool stuff out there that you and I have never heard of, but how can we learn about it?

It’s called Nescience and simply put, it refers to the general unknowingness of things. There’s a lot of crazy cool/interesting stuff out there in the world that we just don’t know about. Learning new stuff can open previously unexplored interests, passions, careers and more, but I’ll leave the self improvement stuff to our other mods like this one. Instead, let’s look at a practical way to put ourselves in the line of discovery- your mind and soul will thank you.

Change your browser to load random Wiki articles

When we open our web browsers, we typically come across a search console (Google, Safari, etc). These browsers are doing everything they can to maintain users, but how many people ACTUALLY use the in-page search feature? Most people I know just go up to the direct URL at the top of the browser and search for whatever they need- the results will always be the same. Given this, we can convert our in-page content to be dynamic and more interesting.

Wikipedia has an article about pretty much anything and while the articles are not always the most accredited, they’re interesting and insightful nonetheless. So here’s the plan- we’re going to make our browser default to a random Wikipedia page upon opening. This means every time you open your browser/a new tab and click the home page icon, it will redirect to a random Wikipedia article which you can read, glance over, or just ignore entirely. The point is that you're being exposed to a variety of new, random things and learning about them.

Each browser is slightly different, but what you need to do is go to your browser settings, “show homepage button” needs to be turned on, and then there should be a section to put in a custom URL for the home button. You’ll need to input this URL:

Voila! Now your browsing experience will be rich with informative, interesting content. For more ideas on how to learn new stuff, subscribe to our Millennial Moderator newsletter, where we send the latest mods straight to your inbox before anyone else. Here's to learning more!

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