A Formula for Scalable Success

By studying the actions taken by successful individuals, we can develop a formula for achieving our own, scalable success..

No matter what your project or ambition, having a growth mindset is critical to achieving goals. But perhaps more important than reaching the end goal itself, is understanding how to get there, so that you can replicate the strategy in various areas of your life. Give a man to fish and you feed him for the day. Teach a man to fish and you give him a scalable fishing solution for a lifetime.

Like all great journeys though, we need a map. In this case, a formula for success- one that I’ve seen implemented in the lives of many successful individuals, as well as in my own life. The best part is that this formula is scalable- meaning we can use it to continue growing our fortunes, forever. Let’s have a look.

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Create a New Standard

We are and we achieve that which we make our standard, nothing more and nothing less. If your standard is that you're an athlete, then your body will always by physically fit because your standard demands it. If you gather a random group of people and ask them to stand if they go to the gym at least three times a week, it will be very evident that those people who stand have strict, physical standards. So its not about what you want to do, but rather what your standard is. Take any area of your life that you could be doing better in, and write down a standard that you must start meeting on a regular basis. Understand that this standard must be met again and again, in order to live that area of your life to its fullest.

Bridge the Gap

Once you've decided on a new standard for yourself, you now have to adopt it into your life. Bridging the gap means identifying that what you're currently doing does not fit your new standard, so you must start taking massive action to change it. If your new standard is to acquire fifty unique leads each day for your business, then what must you do today to hit that goal? Surely you've got to take a ton of action! Bridging the gap is an opportunity for you to learn the things that do and don't work. Perhaps you find that you don’t have access to fifty leads- time to research and look elsewhere! Bridging the gap is the part of our success formula that demands we do whatever it takes to reach our new standard. If one way doesn't work, try another.

Optimise and Automate

Once you have achieved your new standard and are able to achieve it consistently, you must now find ways to optimize and automate. When I first began writing for Millennial Moderator, it took me several hours to write/edit/post/promote each mod- not very efficient! I declared a new standard for myself to write three mods per week, which meant having to find new ways to optimize and automate my writing in a way that met my standards while decreasing time and effort.

That’s what scalability is- delivering a consistent solution on a small scale and expanding upwards- and is what will help you build your machines of fortune. In an enterprise level business, the optimization phase often looks like hiring new staff to do the job- the time you could save by hiring someone could greatly outweigh the cost of labor (in some situations). If you have an online business, automation is becoming a regular practice as well. Scheduling social media posts in advance to reduce manual labor, or having virtual assistants to direct customer inquiries to the correct location on your site. There are tons of ways that technology can help automate your standards. Once you create a system for achieving your standards with decreasing effort, then it’s time to move to the next and most important step of our scalable success formula.

Create (Another) New Standard

Once you’ve adopted your new standard and found ways to optimize/automate so that it’s easily achievable time and time again, now you must set a new standard. One that is even greater and more intensive than the one previous. We must constantly set new standards to push ourselves to the next level- in our business, personal, and spiritual lives. But we must only do this after we've mastered our current standards. This is the formula for scalable success, and it can be applied to any aspect of your life.

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