5 hilariously unethical life pro tips, life hacks

5 hilariously unethical life pro tips, life hacks

Everyone loves a good life hack, but there's a dark, comical side of these improvement tips that are ethically questionable..

Life pro tips and life hacks are great. They offer us insight into otherwise unknown secrets to improving the quality of our lives, based on the discoveries of people from all walks of life. I personally don't find value in those tacky, DIY life hacks (like using a coat hanger to suspend cooking recipes above your stove), but I DO find value in tips and tricks that can actually help me save money, learn something new, or otherwise get ahead in a meaningful way. There is however, a fine line between ethical and unethical life pro tips, one that is ultimately on you to decide (hint: anything that takes advantage of someone else is probably unethical). So if you want to get some ethical, valuable life pro tips, I suggest checking this out. Otherwise, if you're here for the funny and unethical ways to get ahead (for educational purposes of course), then read on.

Life hack #1: Create a hot Tinder profile to increase restaurant business

This first life hack is definitely for brick and mortar, restaurant businesses, but the principle is still highly unethical and funny. Basically, if your restaurant is struggling to get customers in the door, all you need to do it create a fake Tinder profile (it's a dating app, if you haven't heard of it), upload a picture of a random, hot person and then swipe right on everybody you come across in the app. Inevitably, you will have some matches and when you go to schedule your first “date” with this poor soul, tell them to meet you for dinner at your restaurant. Then when it comes time to finally meeting up, message them on Tinder saying that you’re running late and ask them to order something for you off of the menu. Pick something expensive, then just never show up. They'll have to pay for both their and your meals. Rinse and repeat. Highly unethical but honestly, kind of funny.

Life hack #2: Tell your boss you’re sick three days after someone else is sick

If you've been on a rough work schedule and are craving a vacation, this unethical life hack might just be your ticket out. Of course, the issue of hating your job can't be solved with a silly life hack, for that you might want to consider a remote job. Just looking for a quick, impromptu vacation? No problem.

It only makes sense that if someone in your office around you is sick, you might catch the same sickness. Whether you actually get sick or not is irrelevant, the point is that your boss is probably already expecting a few other people will get sick. So just tell them you're not feeling well and boom, you have a ticket home. Of course, you'll probably still need to use some of your PTO, and don't even think about posting a selfie on Instagram from that concert you went to during your 'sick' time. Infact for many people, the real struggle is figuring out what to do with this newfound time off- why not book a flight?

Life hack #3: Drive around with broken, expensive items in your car

Accidents happen to everyone, and most insurance companies offer compensation for any expensive items that were in your car during the accident that were broken. So based on that logic, this unethical life hack is to keep a broken TV, stereo system, or other expensive (and broken) electronics in your car at all times. If or when you get into a car accident, you can claim these items in your insurance and get higher compensation. Also, since the items are already broken, there's less concern if someone breaks in and steals them (I live downtown, this was my first thought). Of course you'll want to first check if your insurance actually does cover these types of broken items, it would be awkward if you try this and they don't. Great way to put your old black Friday merchandise to use!

Life hack #4: Bring a dead cockroach to hotel rooms

Travelling often? Quality hotels are usually quick to offer compensation for any amount of discomfort caused by their establishment. So this life hack is to bring and stage a dead cockroach (honestly not sure where you would even get one) on the floor of your hotel room and give a quick call to the front desk to complain about it. Most hotels will be flabbergasted and will likely comp your room entirely or at least give you some type of perk for the inconvenience. If you have a freezer full of dead cockroaches just for this, I don't want to know about it.

Life hack #5: Book an extra hotel night to extend the check out policy

If you're like me and enjoy sleeping in late, you probably know the struggle of checking out of hotels on time. Unethical life hack time! Book an extra night at the hotel and then your check out window will be essentially extended to the next day. Then, call back shortly after you leave and cancel the extended reservation entirely, they'll usually be understanding and waive any applicable fees. Huzzah!

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