5 Clever Life Pro Tips

Finding the higher ground in life doesn’t always require difficult decision making, sometimes all you need are a few clever life pro tips..

If you’re like me, you enjoy finding new and creative ways to optimize your lifestyle. Anything from dental hygiene tips to financial planning advice, the more abstract (yet effective), the better! So I rounded up five clever life pro tips that I recently came across, to share with you. If you want some tips specific to iPhone, check these out. Otherwise, let's go!

1. Wash your clothes inside out

This is something I feel like we've known for a long time, but never actually did. When you reverse your clothes for washing, you guarantee a thorough cleaning of the inside, which is the most important part to clean, as it rests directly on your body. Also, this slows the wear and tear of designs on the outside. Nothing worse than a graphic tee with a faded look.

2. When taking someones' photo, count past three

This is a clever tip I found on Reddit and have already implemented in real life (iPhone photo sessions). Count to three as usual, but then keep going until they start to laugh at you. Then take the picture.

3. Brush your teeth before dessert

Are you ambitiously trying to avoid eating sweets before bed (or just in general)? Try brushing your teeth right after you eat and notice how just thinking about the taste of dessert with fluoride repulses you. Your Dentist will start sending your "I miss you" cards.

4. Mark the correct side of the USB

This is one of those simple things you’ve always been able to do, just never thought to actually do it. Use a piece of tape to mark the up-side of your custom USB stick. Now you can amaze your friends with how you put it in correctly on the first try.

5. Nice hotels indicate safe parts of a city

When you’re planning a trip, find the safe parts of town by locating the 5-star hotels. Even if you’re staying in a 2-star hotel, you’ll at least know where to spend most of your time.

Are there other neat life pro tips that I missed? Share them with me on Twitter!

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