5 Clever Google Search Easter Eggs

These five clever Google search Easter eggs are sure to impress..

Being the forward thinking tech company that it is, Google often incorporates unique features into it’s software products. Among these are its in-browser Easter eggs that provide a variety of interesting effects on user search results. From dizzy page orientations to Thanos gauntlet, check out these 5 clever Google search Easter eggs.

1. Spinner

If you Google search “spinner” you’ll get a virtual spinner that you can stop and start by clicking and dragging your cursor. Perhaps a less annoying substitute to the once popular fidget spinners that every thirteen year old had on their person at all times. If you click the down arrow below the spinner, you’ll get a variety of other interactive features like flip a coin, roll a die, and more. Check it out here!

2. Google in 1998

If you Google search “Google in 1998” you’ll get a search results page with the same formatting that Google actually had in 1998. Pretty neat for anyone wanting a taste of nostalgia, I personally remember this layout when I first started using the web, check it out.

3. Do a barrel roll

If you Google search “do a barrel roll” your browser will make a complete rotation on its lateral axis, similar to that of a fighter jet. This effect is supposedly a tribute to the Starfox game, where Fox Mccloud and his squadron frequently perform aerial maneuvers in their fighter jets. Warning, this effect is a bit disorientating, take a spin here.

4. Zerg rush

If you Google search “Zerg rush”, your browser will turn into an interactive game where Zerglings (round yellow/red circles in this case) will come from the sides of your screen and "attack" your search results, to which you must click on them to destroy. Zerglings are a character type from the once popular computer game Starcraft, which hints at the Google developments teams interest in gaming. Search results will begin to have a health meter once attacked and there is a scoreboard on the right side. Watch out, they come from all sides!

5. Thanos

If you Google search “Thanos”, you’ll see a gauntlet appear in the Google knowledge panel. Clicking on this will cause the gauntlet to snap, which will have the same effect that it did in the movie- half of your search results being to disappear entirely. It's a pretty cool tribute to the Avengers movie series, check it out here!

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