Where (and How) to Find the Best Teams for Your Business

Where (and How) to Find the Best Teams for Your Business

Effective teams are important to develop for every size of business and the sooner you can build yours, the better...

Having key, effective players on a workplace team is fundamental to the growth and longevity of a successful business. Just as in sports, the members of a team need to operate together cohesively for the mutual benefit of the company or organization. An effective team can accelerate the growth of a business, while an ineffective team can bring it all crashing down.

If you’re reading this article, I’m assuming you’re in the process of trying to build a team for your startup or existing business, and are doing the necessary research to make wise, hiring decisions. In my time as a Tour Manager where I’ve built teams, as well as founder of multiple startups and Angel Investing communities in Seattle, I’ve found that the quality of people on a team can make a big difference on the quality of output that should be expected from the business.

Why Hiring an Entire Team of Technical People is Better than Hiring Individuals

If you are a business owner or manager, you know that having a skilled and dedicated technical team is essential to achieving your goals and staying competitive in today's market. However, finding and hiring the right individuals can be a challenge, especially if you're looking for a specific set of skills and expertise. This is why hiring an entire team of technical people is often the better option, and it's becoming more common as businesses seek to maximize efficiency and minimize their costs.

Advantages of Hiring a Team of Technical People

1. Reduced hiring time and costs

Hiring an entire team of technical people can be much more cost-effective and time-efficient than hiring individuals. When you hire a team, you can negotiate a bulk rate, which can reduce the overall cost of the project. Additionally, you don't have to go through the time-consuming and costly process of conducting individual interviews and background checks for each candidate. In my experience with team-hires, many of the individuals already have rapport and thus I needed to spend less time with interpersonal development, which can be a surprisingly big deal to newer business owners.

2. Improved productivity and collaboration

A team of technical people who work together regularly are likely to be more productive and collaborate more effectively than individuals working in isolation. Teams are often more motivated and able to work together to achieve common goals, and they can also share knowledge and expertise more easily. This can lead to faster problem-solving and more innovative solutions. When building my touring team on the road, I found many instances where the level of productivity greatly increased when team members were each responsible for their own lanes, but understood the handoff between their departments.

Additionally, startups can take advantage of full-stack teams by expediting their go-to-market strategy. Often times, startups are rich in ideas but lack executability, which can greatly delay their ability to reach customers in a meaningful way. By hiring a full stack team from the jump, startups can scale quickly and gracefully.

3. Increased expertise and versatility

When you hire an entire team of technical people, you gain access to a wider range of skills and expertise. This can be particularly beneficial if you have a complex project that requires a range of specialties. Teams are often made up of individuals with complementary skills and expertise, which can help ensure that the project is completed effectively and efficiently. Platforms like Gangwise take it so far as to create team listings that outline members expertise, so you can browse with a comprehensive understanding of the values that everyone will bring. Here is an example of a team listing.

4. Better management and accountability

Hiring an entire team of technical people also makes it easier to manage and hold them accountable for their work. Teams often have clear lines of communication and defined roles and responsibilities, which can help ensure that the project stays on track and that everyone is doing their part. Additionally, if one team member is not performing to expectations, it's easier to address the issue and find a solution.

How to Find and Hire Teams of Technical People Online

There are many online platforms and service providers that specialize in connecting businesses with people, but only a few that truly adopt the team-level hiring approach. Here are some steps you can follow to find and hire teams of technical people online:

1. Determine your needs

Before you start looking for a team of technical people, it's important to determine your specific needs. What kind of skills and expertise do you require? What type of project are you working on? Do you need technical users or customer support staff? Understanding and answering these questions will help you find a team that is well-suited to your needs.

2. Search for teams online

Once you know what you're looking for, you can start searching for teams of technical people online. There are many websites and platforms that connect businesses with teams, including freelancer platforms, project management tools, and specialized services like Gangwise, which creates team listings that can be explored / reviewed easily on their website. You can contact the teams directly to discuss scope of work, compensation, and more.

3. Evaluate the teams

Once you've found a few teams that seem like a good fit, it's time to evaluate them more closely. Look at their portfolio and past projects to get a sense of their expertise and experience. Read reviews and testimonials from other businesses to see what they have to say about the team's work, if possible. You may also want to speak with the team directly to get a sense of their communication skills and work style. This initial communication does not have to be a formal interview, but rather an informational session where you get to know the members and their backgrounds / personalities. In my experience, personality is a huge factor in whether I choose to hire someone or not!

4. Hire the team

Once you've found a team that meets your needs, it's time to make the hire. Work out the details of the project and agree on a timeline, it can be project based or full time depending on your business needs. Thanks to the gig economy, many teams and individuals are happy to accept project-based offers.


There are several reasons why people might choose to hire entire teams versus individuals. These include saving time and money while maximizing team cohesion and dynamic. If you found this guide helpful, check out some of our other helpful guides on the Millennial Moderator home page and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest Mods before anyone else, sent directly to your email. Please also consider sharing this Mod using the social media icons below. Any questions or comments? Let me know on Twitter!

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