The Reason You’re Giving Up On Your Dream

You’re lazy, unmotivated and lack a clear vision of your future, I know because that’s how I was not too long ago..

It’s called the millennial hustle- you get inspired to start something new, then after a couple of weeks (maybe even days) you give up that project because you’re not a millionaire yet, or haven’t achieved that misplaced expectation you’ve had a one night stand with. The best part is that in many of these situations, you bounce back a week later with a totally different dream, only to repeat the same cycle again. All banter aside, that can make you feel pretty bad about yourself, and your self worth degrades to the point where borrowing five dollars from your coworker and never paying them back feels like a “business” opportunity. Here’s the fact- if you want things to change, you have to change.

Dreams without action are just dreams. Moreso, realizing dreams takes enormous amounts of action, discipline and persistence, blanketed by a numbingly positive and relentless mindset. You’ve got to be dumb-relentless to have massive success in life, anything less will put you in the category of people who are “sorta” doing it. If that’s what you’re looking for, then keep doing you. People who “sorta” do it, “sorta” get it, but people who “really” do it, “really” get it, see the difference? Let’s start by talking about your mindset.

Lack of positive thinking

I hate that title but I use it to blanket this topic. Positive thinking means to only see the positive in every situation, which includes focusing on only the positives of what might be. So you’ve got a dream or a goal.. do you focus on the incredible things that might come out of it, emotionally embracing the positive feelings that you’ll experience? Or do you dwell on the road blocks and possibilities of failure along the way? Do you focus on the lack of resources at your disposal? Or do you instead look at all the ways you can get resourceful with what you have? You don’t have to believe in the law of attraction but you do have to believe in the law of vibration- live in every moment with a positive outlook on everything and you will be amazed at how much brighter your days and future will become.

I personally never go into business with someone who only focuses on negatives. I prefer to focus on the greatness that will come out of this opportunity in the end, not the hurdles along the way. I'm confident that we can work through any problems along the way. So the first tip to why you’re giving up on your dream- your mindset sucks. Fall in love with faith and only focus on the positives, it’s literally that simple.

Lack of a roadmap

If you want to drive from Seattle to New York City and decide one day to start driving in a random direction, you’re gonna get lost and end up somewhere else entirely. You might end up in San Diego and find that now your distance to New York is event further than it originally was.. that can be an upsetting realization. Same applies to your dreams. If you don’t have an exact road map for how you plan to get from here to there and all the places in between, you’re 100% not going to get there. This applies to all areas of your life but especially in deciding on a career path.

It’s a simple principle when you read about it, but it requires serious thinking and planning- which road are you going to take? Which towns will you stop at along the way? What kind of vehicle are you driving (meaning, are you taking care of your body)? The list goes on and on, so does the road to your dreams if you don’t have a map. Second reason you’re giving up on your dream, you’re lost. Take some time today to carefully plan your trip to the future.

Your blueprint is changing

Here’s the deal, we all grow and change. What may seem like a hot idea to you today may evolve into something totally different down the road. There are many factors that cause this- people growing up, meeting new people, learning more about ourselves, etc. We can’t expect to always be riding the same bus in life, but we should absolutely expect to modify and adapt our dreams along the way. Maybe your dream was to open a taco stand and become the cities hero by not charging extra for guac, but three years in you realize your margins are so low you can barely pay your overhead, not to mention you’ve suddenly grown an affinity for italian food? Your dream isn’t fading, it’s changing, and your blueprint needs to follow. The point is, don’t become discouraged when you’ve suddenly lost interest in something that you’ve been doing for a long time. Use that feeling to refine your blueprint and continue moving forward.

These are just three possibilities for why you’re giving up on your dream. I’ll bet that when you really dig into your own life, you’ll find that one of these three could apply. It’s totally okay if you feel lost and are looking for answers- you’re doing the right thing by educating yourself from others who have been in the same place. The next step is to learn how to get yourself motivated at any time. This guide will show you how I’ve done it and teach it.

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Aleksey Weyman

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