Become Your Own Greatest Competitor

Comparing ourselves to others is a negative habit, one that we all share and must do whatever we can to abolish..

Feelings of inadequacy when compared to someone else can lead to feelings of insecurity, anxiety and depression. What truly matters is what YOU bring to the table of the world, and how YOU become a better person.

Instead of comparing yourself to the merits of others, you should instead ask yourself how you compare to your past self. How do you compare yourself today to yourself 5 years ago? Or 1 year ago? Or what about even last week or yesterday? Have you improved the quality of your life since then? Have you improved the lives of people around you since then?

One of the fundamental ways to achieve happiness is to always feel like you’re making progress towards success. Progress is a feeling from which we can draw an abundance of motivation from. It could be in your relationship, in your job, or in your passion projects, making progress gives us a sense of accomplishment and generates momentum to keep moving forward.

Notice- your own progress has no room for comparison of others, so get rid of that habit right now!

Here's a series of questions you can ask yourself to test if you are making progress and becoming better than you were yesterday. Don’t lie to yourself here, just find the opportunities to improve:

  • What is one thing you feel proud of, that you’ve recently had to work hard to achieve?
  • Is there one section of your life that fits your blueprint of how it should be?
  • What steps did you take yesterday to reach your goals? Be specific.
  • What steps have you taken today, that go beyond the steps you took yesterday to reach your goals?

While it may seem difficult to one-up yourself every single day, this is what it takes to achieve success, and it's a critical factor in the scalable success formula that I teach to clients. Keep in mind, there are numerous thing we can work on improving in our lives. If you spend a lot of time taking the next step in your business, why not take some time to progress in your relationship? Or in your passion project?

In conclusion, the only person you should be comparing to in life is yourself. Putting focus on bettering yourself on a daily basis will fulfill your fundamental need of making progress, and will guarantee you've charted a course for success. The future belongs to those who take action today.

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