A List of Emotional Movie Spoilers

If you get squeamish from dogs dying, people falling to their deaths, or clowns, then this website is for you.

Some movies just make us feel bad, plain and simple. Watching Sam die in the arms of Will Smith (I Am Legend), Clowns mutilating children (IT), or any other variation of cinematic unpleasantry, can make us feel uneasy in our seats. Everyone has different things they don’t like to see in movies, which is why the following website caters to a wide array of cautious viewers, and the website name itself takes the crown for most common, unpleasant scene type. is a crowdsourced, emotional spoiler website that allows anybody to call out movies/TV shows that feature particularly unpleasant, emotional scenes. As the name suggests, the most common scene type that people point out is the “dog dying” scene, which frequently catches viewers off guard and can cause emotional stress. When a user posts a movie, community members are able to upvote or downvote the mention- an effort to maintaining accountability and accuracy. Users can also comment on the posts to go into detail- BE WARNED that there are spoilers involved. also features other unpleasant, emotional spoilers in their category section. Among these are spoilers like “kids dying”, “car crashes”, “there’s blood/gore” and dozens of others. While movies are the primary medium, also has spoilers for books, video games, tv shows and more, though these selections are highly limited.

This website would be the perfect tool when your favorite show ends and you’re searching for that proper follow up series, but strictly avoiding those emotionally-cringy movies.

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