A List of All Movie Jump Scenes

Sometimes those frightening jump/scare scenes in movies get the best of us, but now we can take the higher ground..

Here at Millennial Moderator, our goal is to provide a variety of mods to improve the quality of your life. If you’ve ever watched a movie that had an abundance of jump scenes (the kind that make you throw popcorn everywhere) and hate that feeling of fear/thrill, then you’ll love this website we found. is a website that documents all jump scenes in movies, and their collection of titles is impressive! All you have to do is go to their website, search for a movie title, and you’ll get a list of scenes that contain jump scare moments- with exact time-stamps. Now if you’re planning to see a movie with friends and don't want to be that guy/gal that screams, you can look up all the scary parts in advance! Of course, this only applies to movies that have been out long enough for people to record the jump scenes.

In addition to manual search, the website also categorizes movies by most and least jump scare moments. Great if you hate jump scares and want a movie that’s lowkey, or the opposite if you’re planning a fright night for your friends! You can also browse television show jump/scare scenes. American Horror Story anyone?

If you found this mod useful, you might like to check out this guide on what to do after your favorite television series comes to an end! Please consider sharing this mod using the social media icons below. Any questions or comments? Lets connect on Twitter!

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Aleksey Weyman

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