5 Unique Holiday Sweater Ideas

November is the gateway month to the holiday season, and nothing screams holiday spirit quite like a holiday sweater.

Holiday sweaters are a great way to share the holiday spirit, wow your friends, and (shockingly) stay warm! But if you’re any sort of interesting person, a normal grandma-knit sweater just won’t cut it. You’ve got to be flashy, fresh, and creative, but not over the top awkward. So I’ve taken the time to gather 5 unique, fresh holiday sweater ideas for this holiday season, all of which are available for purchase on Amazon. Enjoy!

1. Ugly Kitten Sweater

Cats are the catalysts of modern day meme culture. Throw a cat on a sweater and you'll get some friendly glances from around the room. Add a santa hat and some snowflakes and you’ve got everyone's attention at the party. Simple design, reasonable price, and you can wear this one throughout the year. Check it out on Amazon.

2. Hairy Belly Sweater

This one is a bit more on the wild side and is borderline costume. Probably ideal for a frat party or (if you’re an edgy uncle), a holiday family function. Wearing this to a party might get you strange looks, but after a few drinks, you might become the life of the party. Here it is on Amazon.

3. R2D2 Sweater

Star Wars is an all time classic, and even those that haven’t binged the series are usually somewhat familiar with the characters. Great for wearing around kids, or your fellow con-mates, this one is sure to put a smile on peoples faces. Price tag is a bit higher than others, but long term wear guaranteed! Grab it on Amazon here! Also, you might also get a kick out of this fun Star Wars easter egg!

4. Unicorn Barfing Sweater

I don’t really know what a unicorn has to do with the holidays, but this one is clearly in season- barfing snowflakes and candy canes, imposed over a classic red/green snowflake pattern. Might be a fun wear for a friendsgiving, but probably not something you would wear again. It does however, light up!

5. Sasquatch Bikini Sweater

This one is surely a winner at your local bar / bachelor party. Simple design, slightly suggestive theme, humours composure and clearly a seasonal sweater. Price point is low as well. Might even get a few non-seasonal wears out of it, if you play your cards right. Check it out!

Which of these sweaters is your favorite? Are you getting one that isn’t on this list? Let me know on Twitter!

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Aleksey Weyman

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