View the Inside of Notre-Dame

If you haven’t had a chance to experience France’s historic Cathedrale prior to the 2019 fire, there’s still a way..

After the fire of the Cathedrale Notre-Dame in April 2019, people became concerned that they would never again lay eyes on the beautiful inside of Paris’s most infamous construction. As it turns out, anyone with internet access can take a virtual tour of this building (as it was before the fire) using an extremely common webtool.

Google Maps

Google maps has an iconic feature called “Street View” which switches from a topographical view of a region to a point-of-view from ground level, which they capture using a variety of technologies including 360 degree mounted car cameras, wide angle lenses, and more. As it turns out, Google had created Street View content from within the Cathedral Notre-Dame, which means we can take a virtual tour of this historic building prior to its damages, all from our computers/phones.

To give this a try, head over to Google Maps (here's a direct link to Notre-Dame) and then select the yellow person icon in the bottom right corner and drag it onto the map at any of the blue dots or lines. This will switch you to Street View and you’ll be able to click + drag the screen to turn your camera view and experience Notre-Dame in all of it’s glory- plus a few random tourists here and there.

While certainly not as incredible as in-person, the virtual tour certainly does Notre-Dame some justice, especially for people who haven't had the chance to experience the Cathedrale in real life.

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