Is Your Electric Bill Too High?

In our expanding world, we're continually finding new ways to optimize cost of living- including how much we pay for an electricity supplier..

If you live in the United States and pay an electric utility fee each month, you probably went with whatever option the electric company offered (in many cases, it was their own). The truth is that electric companies are only responsible for the wires located in your home, not generating the electricity itself. While the cost of their electricity is usually quite affordable, there are other electricity suppliers that you can use instead- which might even prove to be more cost effective!

The average price for electricity in the United States is $0.12/kilowatt-hour and average households use 908 kWh/year, though the price of electricity varies greatly from state to state. What most people don’t know is that many states offer the option to choose which company generates your electricity- an incredibly empowering decision that goes widely unnoticed.

Choose your energy supplier

The image above is from and it shows the states that do/don’t have multiple energy suppliers to choose from. Add this to our list of unique technologies that are making the world a better place! The website provides direct links to all suppliers in your given state as well as other, relevant state-level resources that you should check out. I live in Washington so unfortunately I don’t have any options- take advantage of this if you can!

To switch your electricity supplier, you can contact them directly (at or reach out to your current provider and request a change. Be sure you are within the eligible territory prior to requesting. Hope this helps you save some costs!

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