5 Ways To Get On Your Bosses Good Side

While management styles can vary, certain actions can make any leader appreciate you more..

Maybe you’ve just accepted a new position and want to show leadership that their decision to hire you was a good one? Or perhaps you’ve been itching for a promotion and need to start buttering up the toast a bit? Or maybe you’ve been a pain to your boss (and know it) and have decided to turn things around and mend the relationship? No matter what your reasons are, these 5 tips can help anyone get on their bosses good side.

1. Come to them with solutions, not complaints

One of the most important tasks of all leaders is mitigating and resolving problems. As an employee, you are an asset to the company and more directly, your leader, not a liability. Coming to your boss with drama (especially non-work related) will add additional concern to their plate and your reputation will reflect accordingly. However, if you are able to identify a problem and approach your leader with a variety of solutions to fix it, they’ll know you value the job and are helping them do theirs- a gesture that anyone under stress can appreciate. Come to your boss with solutions, not complaints.

2. Demonstrate initiative

Regardless if your boss is a jerk or a saint, any effort you take to “get the ball rolling” is a sign of good faith and commitment to the job. The initiative can be about anything- a looming internal software issue, an emerging source of leads for your business, or even showing initiative to make personal development steps. Your boss will see that you’re committed and their lives will be made easier by having progress to show to their higher ups. Demonstrating initiative is also a fundamental step for scalable success- are you ready for a raise?

3. Work the way your boss works

In our fast paced world, many leaders get familiar with processes and stick to them for time/efficiencies sake. It’s true that innovation is neccesary, but you have to approach it in a way that feels familiar to your boss if you want to get on their good side. Their job is to make sure all tasks and deadlines are met and they know from experience how to make that happen. Presenting a new method cold turkey could make them anxious and skeptical. However- if you’re able to show it in a way that feels familiar to your bosses workflow, you might be onto something.

4. Be a team player

Leaders often have to make quick decisions that require team members to collaborate in ways they might not have previously. Especially if there is a time sensitive issue, nagging or complaining about working with your team is a fast way to de-value your worth in the eyes of your boss. In most cases, they are making decisions based on business need, with no ill-intent whatsoever. Being flexible to work within your team at any capacity shows commitment to the business and elevates your worth to the company and your boss. It’s these, team player-type people that usually end up getting promotions before anyone else.

5. Make your boss look good in front of their boss

Your boss is trying their best (hopefully) to do a good job, but just like you, they have someone above them who watches their moves and ultimately holds the life-line of their employment. An easy way to get on your bosses good side is to throw them a bone and praise them in the presence of their higher-ups. They’ll feel confident in their decision to hire your boss, and your boss will feel proud of himself as well as in his decision to hire you. Of course, it’s advised not to be a suck up (pretty obvious when someone does this), but occasional shoutouts and praises can go a long way.

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