5 Last Minute Halloween Tips

It’s October 30th, you’re coming home from work and you realize that tomorrow is Halloween. You have no costume, candy, nor decorations, let alone holiday spirit.

Does that scenario sound familiar? Perhaps not, but the hustle of our everyday lives can certainly cause us to forget to prepare for holidays like Halloween. Don’t worry though, you’ve still got time. Below are 5 tips for preparing and getting into the Halloween spirit (on a time crunch).

1. Where to buy candy last minute?

You’ve got to hand out candy to kids that come to your door, or maybe you’re going to a party and promised to provide sweet snacks? The quickest and cheapest selection of candy will always be at the Dollar Store, Dollar Tree, or one of their many variants. Let’s be real, the selection isn't always the best, but it’ll do in a pinch. Grocery stores understand that people put off their candy shopping until last minute, so they raise their prices to earn that extra buck.

2. Make-shift Pumpkins

Not enough time to buy, carve and set up a pumpkin jack-o-lantern? No worries. Try taking an orange or clementine and hollowing out its insides, then carving it just as you would a pumpkin. Be careful, as the skin is more fragile than a pumpkin. I would also recommend a small battery light instead of a candle, due to the jack-o-lanterns size. This can also be a fun, creative project for kids!

3. Combine outfits to make a costume

If you’ve read our other article about costume reminders, then you may have already started a costume bin where you can mix & match previous costumes to create new looks. Don’t have old costumes? No worries, there are a ton of notable characters that dressed somewhat normally- why not go dressed as Steve Jobs? You could also combine clothes randomly and ask people to guess what you are. Depending on if you like their guess, that’s what you can be!

4. Shots in syringes

I saw this cool drinking idea to pour colored shots into syringes and then drink them with your friends. I don’t know why you would have syringes lying around your home, but you can usually pick some up from your local pharmacy. Many people are afraid of syringes, which just further adds to the Halloween spirit!

5. Take lots of photos

This is something I have to remind myself all the time- take tons of photos with your friends and family! In costume or not, you’ll look back on these pictures one day and remember how much fun you had. You’ll also have something to post on social media and not feel left out from all the other spooky pics on Facebook.

Are there other last minute Halloween tips that I missed? Let me know on Twitter!

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Aleksey Weyman

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