A Simple, Affordable Solution to Contact Lenses

Anyone who wears contact lenses understands how annoying it can be to manually fill prescriptions at the store..

In our continually expanding world of technological ease, it becomes less and less convenient to manually perform “chore” type tasks such as going to the grocery store, driving to pick someone up from the airport, manually fulfilling prescriptions, etc. Now, while some may say that technology is making our lives too easy, there’s certainly nothing wrong with making life more efficient, especially when value can be retained!

When is comes to contact lenses, there are a lot of “housekeeping” activities that must be done on a regular basis. These include things like going to the store and getting more lenses (can be expensive as well), taking care of your lenses each night, carrying/storying the lenses when out and about, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice to help automate some of these things so you can spend more time living your life? Waldo seems to think so!

Waldo Daily Contact Lenses

Waldo is a contact lense company that not only sells contact lenses at an extremely affordable rate, they also deliver right to your door and don’t charge for shipping (based on location). Their unique business model delivers contact lenses on a prescription basis, which means you never have to worry again about going to the store to get more- Waldo will make sure you have fresh contacts as often as you need. On their website, you can choose the frequency of which you would like to receive contact lenses which, just like their lenses themselves, gives added flexibility to your personal preference.

You can learn more about the Waldo lenses on a more granular level via their website. They also have a free trial which you can learn more about and sign up here. For any questions or reviews (all their reviews are great), check out their help section where you can also contact the company directly.

I’m all about making my life a little easier with services like this!

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