5 Tips for Building an Agile Web and Mobile Application

5 Tips for Building an Agile Web and Mobile Application

Agile Methodology is a perfect way to ensure organizations and companies create winning experiences in the digital space for users worldwide..

Agilie is a perfect example of a development agency that takes advantage of such technology to build advanced web and mobile solutions. The predecessor of Agile Methodology, the Waterfall Development Methodology, uses a linear approach. On the other hand, agile works in cycles, making the entire process flexible. Instead of splitting the development process into stages, the agile method uses sprints, which are short iterations or cycles. The end of each cycle allows clients to carry out analysis since they get a code and a module or product to check for approval to verify certain parameters. So, how exactly do you build an Agile Web and Mobile Application?

Tips for Agile Web and Mobile Application Development

During the development process, the customers’ needs and wants come first. Creating a web or mobile application that clients love and find useful is an achieved goal. Here are five tips to help in the development process. It’s vital to ensure all involved parties are happy by:

1. Ensure Close Collaborations

Teamwork is an excellent value to uphold. When your team works hand in hand with the client, every step in the process becomes more successful. Needless to say, the goals of the entire process shall be carefully discussed at the beginning. However, changes and enhancements can come up, needing quick collaborations to chart the way forward and avoid delaying the development process. There are several ways to ensure close collaboration with your clients. One way is co-locating.

Co-locating is having part of the client’s team set up camp in your offices. This way, there is faster communication and feedback, and you don't have to stay on the phone or in video call meetings for hours trying to solve an issue. Besides, having the clients’ representatives by your side fosters a good working relationship.

2. Define Project Goals Clearly

Everyone works better when they know what they are moving towards. Define both short-term and long-term goals for greater efficiency. Individual development targets shall also be set. With properly defined goals, you shape a vision and align thinking for all individuals working on the project. Story mapping is one way to get your team on the right track. It focuses on the client’s initial requirements and builds up on those by splitting them into iterations. For example, the first step could be a request to visitors, asking them to subscribe to a website. The next release includes login options and access to restricted information. Story mapping needs a more flexible project timeline, which companies like Agilie understands.

3. Map Out Tangible Outputs

Seeing progress increases your client’s confidence in what you’re doing. While everything may be going smoothly in the back end, it’s vital to offer some material for feedback. The agile methodology allows developers to come up with outcomes for every sprint. Fortunately, you won’t be giving the client an incomplete project, since every sprint stands on its own. Identifying tangible deliverables ensures you don’t go off track. In case of anything, the client addresses the issue for your modification. Unlike other methods that only allow feedback at the end of development, using the agile way for developing web and mobile applications eliminates unnecessary back and forth.

4. Offer a User Acceptance Testing and Feedback Period

Once you offer the results at the end of a sprint, ensure you implement the changes into the subsequent sprint. Any bug fixes or changes are important to incorporate because the client can test them early enough. Always ensure there’s enough time for testing, even as you map out sprints and set short-term goals for the project. A good way to do this would be to dedicate 80% of your time to building new features. 20% of your time should go into dealing with issues raised by the client. This way, you strike the perfect balance and avoid paying too much attention to only one part of the project.

5. Don’t Be a Pushover

The customer is always right, as they say. However, that shouldn’t allow them to make additional requests, delaying the entire project. If you feel that an issue will take too long or it compromises project success, then have an honest discussion with the client. If you had clearly set goals at the onset, stick to them and remind the client of the effects of derailment.

Why Choose the Agile Method for Web and Mobile App Development?

The benefits of the agile methodology are endless. Mobile app development is becoming popular, and you need to deliver the best solutions for your clients. Here’s how you can benefit from the agile methodology:

  • Faster development of mobile and web apps
  • Reduced risks due to sprint analyses
  • Better quality of applications
  • Stress-free and smooth project management
  • Enhanced customer experience
  • Customization
  • Reduced development cost

The agile methodology is the newest approach in software development. If you prefer perfect delivery, then you should use it to ensure a smooth development process.

Factors to Consider Before Choosing the Agile Development

Yes, the agile method is perfect for web and mobile app development. However, what if it won’t be practical for you? It’s essential to factor in the following:

Development Team Skills

You know your team best, so you can determine if they can meet the demands of the agile methodology. Review aspects such as their communication skills, competency, and domain knowledge to figure out the issue.

Customer Involvement

The agile methodology needs a one-on-one interaction between the developer and their client. If they aren’t ready to collaborate, in terms of physical availability and participation in the project, the method won’t be as efficient. Clients should also have domain knowledge. If they fail to clearly define the functionalities, they may jeopardize the success of the entire project.

Nature of the Project

Every project should get as much attention as it deserves. Before mapping out an agile plan for a company, it’s vital to consider the project’s scope, criticality, and decomposability. Choosing the wrong methods for the project means you’ll waste your time and money. That’s why analysis of the project’s nature is essential.


As a web and mobile app developer, you want the process to be seamless and stress-free. The Agilie teams do what it takes to make it all smooth and fun. Software development can be stressful, so you need to get everything right with the client before making any critical decisions.

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