3 Things That Customers Give Your Business

At a fundamental level, there are three things that your business needs to recieve from customers with every single move it makes..

No matter what kind of business you run, customers are your livelihood. You might not call them customers but rather clients, fans, or community members. Whatever they are, their contribution and involvement is critical to sustaining and growing your business. When we really get down to the deepest level of what it is that your customers give you, we arrive at three primary things (I call them collectibles) that must be recieved. By understanding these collectibles, you can evaluate if your business efforts are pointed in a profitable direction, or spinning off to eventual demise.

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1. Customer Trust

This is the least intrusive collectible a customer can give your business. Trust is earned when your business shares an inside look at how your product is made, inviting users into their community. It’s also earned when readers are engaged on social media, or when your physical location has a friendly staff that asks visitors questions and demonstrates the products. The trust collectible aims to do one primary thing- convince and educate your customers to learn more about your business. Customers that trust your brand are much more likely to pay attention to future updates, and might even share your business to their friends.

2. Customer Information

More intrusive than an inquisitive "follow” on Instagram, the second collectible is information. An email address in exchange for a demo of your product, a phone number to receive a coupon to your store, or maybe even a survey in exchange for early bird access, customer information requires the customer to give something personal of theirs up. With this data, you can build newsletters for more direct marketing, or collect data about the types of customers that are visiting your store- maybe it’s time to redesign your marketing campaign and onboard affiliates? Here’s a hint- customers who trust your brand first, are much more likely to give you their personal info.

3. Customer Payment

Obviously this is the holy grail of customer collectibles. Money is what fuels and grows your business, but it takes a lot for customers to give away something so valuable. They have to percieve the value of your product to be more than the value of their hard earned cash. Now, depending on your business, some products/services are common resources (like toothpaste) that customers may decide to buy simply because they have to. Others on the other hand are much more boutique and require showing the customer why they need it, like a cutting edge propety management software. Here's another hint: customers who trust your business and have given their personal information are much more likely to spend money than those who haven’t.

These collectibles work like a ladder- trust leads to information which then leads to money. No matter where your business sits on this ladder, you can always start new campaigns to work from the bottom up, or refine an individual sales channel. Whatever you do, keep these collectibles in mind with every venture your business takes and you’ll naturally start to see results.

Purchase the detailed customer collectible guide on my website.

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